Foreseeson Hosts Exclusive Event to Celebrate Top-Performing Partners in IT Security Distribution

November 24, 2023
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Foreseeson Technology’s IT Distribution team hosted an event during the Vancouver Canucks vs New York Islanders game to honor its top-performing partners. The evening, marked by a series of activities, showcased Foreseeson’s commitment to fostering strong relationships with its valued partners.

The event included introductions from Foreseeson Technology, unveiling details about the company’s upcoming brand refresh. Individual recognition took center stage, with each partner receiving plaques as a symbol of appreciation for their dedication from IT Distribution General Manager, Maria Bernardo, and CEO, S.U. Moon. Fortinet, our primary vendor delivered the evening’s closing remarks.

Foreseeson took a moment to highlight partners with extensive tenures, specifically those with more than 10+ years of collaborative business history. This emphasizes Foreseeson’s pride in cultivating robust relationships with its partners, a cornerstone of the company’s success.

Foreseeson remains steadfast in its commitment to collaborative success and looks forward to continued partnerships that drive mutual growth and prosperity in the dynamic landscape of IT Security Distribution.
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Bryan Moon
Marketing Coordinator

About Foreseeson Technology:
Foreseeson Technology is a leading player in IT Security Distribution, cutting-edge electronic manufacturing services, and a pioneer in renewable energy solutions dedicated to fostering strong and lasting relationships with partners. With a commitment to excellence, Foreseeson provides innovative solutions and support to drive mutual success in the ever-evolving field of IT security.

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